Zach Wilson’s Mom Shows Off Her ‘Cute Friend’ On Instagram, Let’s Everyone Know It’s Not The One Who Hooked Up With Zach

Lisa Wilson Doesn't Understand Media's Obsession Despite Juicy Rumor


Zach Wilson’s mom Lisa has jokes about her son’s raunchy rumored hookup with one of her friends.

Last week, Zach’s ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile accused him of cheating on her with one his mom’s friends.

Since then people have been trying to figure out which one of Lisa’s friends hooked up with Zach.

On Friday, Lisa showed off one of her “cute friends” on Instagram and immediately let everyone know that it wasn’t the one who hooked up with Zach.

“This is my cute friend Suzette…and just so you know, no. The people questioning…no. Shut up. You guys are idiots.”

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