Zion Williamson’s Alleged Mistress Moriah Mills Calls Him Out Once Again

Zion Williamson

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New Orleans Pelicans Zion Williamson is finally back in the news. The oft-injured forward played just 29 games last season and has only played 114 in four seasons in the NBA. For comparison, Heat guard Max Strus has played 102 games just this season.

Why is he in the news? Apparently, Zion Williamson has a problem with fidelity. After announcing that he was going to be a father with Akheema, who used to be involved in the gentlemen’s club industry, crap started to hit the fan.

Another adult entertainer, Moriah Mills, inserted herself into the fray when she alleged that her and Williamson had been sleeping together. Here are some more details courtesy of Vibe.

“Congrats Zion Williamson happy for you,” Moriah Mills tweeted on Wednesday morning. The tweet was accompanied by a screenshot of alleged Snapchat messages where the two-time NBA All-Star is telling Mills he loves the way she looks in a pair of jeans and he’s going to FaceTime her to talk about moving. A few tweets later, she shares screenshots where the former Duke Blue Devil claims he did not have a girlfriend and wanted to move Mills to New Orleans.

Now, she’s snapped back at Zion Williamson again. Here is the New York Post with more details.

Adult film star Moriah Mills is not letting up in her continuing drama with Pelicans forward Zion Williamson.

After Williamson participated in a gender reveal for an apparent girlfriend, his private life has come to the forefront, with multiple women, including Mills, speaking out on social media in frustration over his treatment of them.

“My condo better be ready in two week[s] @Zionwilliamson,” Mills tweeted Saturday.

“And you’re right I’m mad @Zionwilliamson this entire situation has you spending all types of unnecessary money that bm is toxic,” another tweet of hers read.

“He gone fly others b***** out regardless it’s not my problem any I already had a convo I know what time it is !!” said a third.

Very, very, messy for Zion Williamson.

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