Conor McGregor Could Make The Jump To The WWE But Here’s Why It Might Take Awhile

The WWE held their annual Royal Rumble event last night.

The Royal Rumble match is always exciting because fans just never know who’ll come running out from the back once the buzzer sounds for the next entrant.

The 2021 Royal Rumble match had a fair share of surprise entrants – Shane “Hurricane” Helms, Carlito, Kane, and Christian to name a few.

Even the Royal Rumble winner, Edge, was a shocking turn of events. Especially considering the “Rated R Superstar” was the first entrant into the match.

Since just about anyone can show up to wrestle in the Royal Rumble, there was an outside chance that a competitor like Conor McGregor could hit the ring.

The UFC fighter probably wouldn’t do much, maybe just jump off the top rope like rapper Bad Bunny did last night, but McGregor and the WWE working together just seems like a natural fit.

Some people feel McGregor working in a WWE ring is just a matter of time but according to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Unless the UFC eases up on McGregor’s contract obligations, the 32-year-old MMA star won’t be working with the company anytime soon.

WON is reporting that Conor McGregor is still under contract with the UFC for four fights.

Four fights is a long time considering McGregor only fights once a year.

There’s an outside chance the two companies work together on an agreement for a one-time appearance but McGregor working a long program like Ronda Rousey or being a part-time competitor like Brock Lesnar seems rather unlikely.

So what’s next for McGregor? He’s got several options. Hopefully knocking out Jake Paul is one of those options.

[via Wrestling Observer Newsletter]


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