Conor McGregor Showing Up In WWE Is ‘Only A Matter Of Time’ Explains One Current Wrestling Star

What’s next for Conor McGregor? That seems to be the big question after his shocking defeat at the hands of Dustin Poirer at UFC 257.

The options for the 32-year-old fighter seem limitless, even after a loss. He could train and fight at another UFC card, possibly in a rematch with Poirer, or take an exhibition fight with any of the people currently taking shots at him in the press like Floyd Mayweather or Jake Paul.

There’s also an outside chance that McGregor could try a completely different sport like professional wrestling. Ronda Rousey found success jumping from the Octagon to the squared circle.

A shameless self-promoter, media lightning rod, and constant trash talker like McGregor is a perfect fit in the WWE.

WWE star Sheamus thinks McGregor showing up on an episode of Raw or getting involved in a major pay-per-view is only a matter of time.

“He’s teased [coming to WWE] a couple of times. He’s still staying active, he’s a lad who’s won belts, he’s done a lot, so I think he’s that type of person who’s always trying to try his hand at something different,” Sheamus told Digital Spy in a recent interview.

Sheamus went on to explain why the MMA fighter is a natural fit with the company and a potential match with another son of Ireland.

“I think WWE would suit him down to the ground.

You know, we’ve had a lot of people come in and out, [Floyd] Mayweather came in, a lot of celebrities have come in, a lot of sports people.

So I don’t think anyone would raise eyebrows if he came in to WWE. I don’t think it’s if, I think it’s a matter of when to be honest.

If he wants to come in there with me, that’s grand. He might get the fight of his life there, he might get couple of slaps he’s not used to. But that’s what it’s all about, getting in there and seeing a different type of environment.

Sheamus feels that anyone coming into the company from a different sport, especially the UFC, is in for a rude awakening when it comes to the grueling schedule that wrestlers have to follow.

“In UFC you fight once a year or twice a year, in WWE we’re fighting every week.

We’re taking big bumps every week, the physicality we go through is crazy.

It’s a different world we’re in, I think it’s definitely more competitive, it’s definitely more physical. It takes more edge being in WWE than it does doing the UFC stuff.”

“If he [McGregor] wants to come in and give it hand I have no bother stepping in the ring with him,” Sheamus said.

[via Digital Spy]


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