Here Are The Highlights Of Ronda Rousey’s Impressive Wrestling Debut At WrestleMania

Ronda Rousey has been in the WWE for just a few months but he short tenure has been filled with criticism about her mic skills. Tonight, the former Women’s Bantamweight Championship made her long-awaited in-ring debut and holy fucking shit did she absolutely kill it. We recapped the entire match below and it’s fucking awesome.

Things got electric as soon as Ronda stepped into the squared circle and started pummeling the shit out of Stephanie McMahon

McMahon was able to quickly turn things around which allowed Ronda to make her comeback.

Then Ronda Rousey got into a one-on-one boxing match with Triple H, and Ronda was even able to put the massive Triple H on her shoulders and was ready to slam him before she was interrupted by McMahon.

The match ended with a Ronda Rousey armbar on Stephanie McMahon.

All in all this was the perfect debut for Rousey. It really couldn’t have gone better for her, shit was legendary.


Dana White was impressed with Ronda’s debut.

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