Shaquille O’Neal Challenges AEW Star Cody Rhodes To Match – And Rhodes Accepts – But Two More People Will Likely Be Involved

Back in August, I had the chance to sit down (via Zoom) with AEW performer and executive vice president, Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes discussed his vision and goals for himself and said he expected to accomplish “big things” in his life. One of those big things might be staring at him from across the ring in a few months.

Last night, AEW held their first AEW Awards, highlighting the best moments, matches, and performers of last year.

During the festivities, NBA Hall of Famer and NBA on TNT host, Shaquille O’Neal, dropped in to issue a challenge to AEW star, Cody Rhodes.

O’Neil challenged Rhodes to a match this March at the AEW Revolution pay-per-view, calling him a “punk” and a “little girl.”

The beef between Rhodes and O’Neal started a few months ago when Shaq appeared on a segment of AEW Dynamite and had water thrown in his face by Rhodes’ wife, Brandi.

Shaq showed up to address one of the newest additions to the AEW women’s roster, Jade Cargill, bringing up his name in a promo to Cody.

The original plan for Shaq’s appearance was to set-up a match between Cargill and Brandi but life got in the way and Rhodes is now expecting her first child this year.

Cody Rhodes excepted Shaq’s challenge to a match but added a tag team partner – Red Velvet – to challenge O’Neal and Cargill to a mixed tag match.

AEW continues to make news for including stars in their show to generate buzz. In barely two years of business, the company has managed to attract names like Mike Tyson, Snoop Dogg, and an entire fleet of stars wished Chris Jericho congratulations on his 30 years in wrestling.

If Shaq does climb into the ring, the 7’1″ former NBA star will be limited in what he can actually do, but the company isn’t interested in O’Neal putting on a 5-star match.

The reason for O’Neal stepping into the ring is to sell pay-per-views and garner mainstream attention for the young wrestling promotion.

As long as Shaq stays away from the top rope, everything will be fine.

[via AEW]


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