Steve Austin Explains The Stuff Wrestlers Say To One Another When Standing Face-To-Face Before Matches

During his time in the ring, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was known for getting in an opponent’s face and verbally berating the guy with a bunch of expletives and promises of can openings and tail beatings.

On a recent episode of “The Steve Austin Show,” a fan wrote in and asked exactly what wrestlers say to one another when standing face-to-face in the ring before a match.

Austin could only speak for himself but the “Texas Rattlesnake” shared some of the typical banter that went back-and-forth between himself and an adversary.

“When two guys are face-to-face, normally, they could just be talking bullshit to one another, talking about the weather, where they’re going to go after the match, or they really could be in it and mouthing off to one another in a promo style.

If the microphone is not there it can be anything under the sun.

There were so many times when I was standing face-to-face with a guy, I might just be bullshitting with him, telling him some of the most ludicrous bullshit in the world, or maybe just something I was thinking about or a direction I wanted to go in a match.

It’s a little bit of showbiz and a little bit of filler.”

Austin then discussed the things he’d typically say in an opponent’s face after delivering a Stone Cold Stunner and the guy was laying on the mat.

“Normally, it was just a lot of foul-mouthed, four-letter words and I’d call him a smelly son of a bitch and all this other stuff. I’d give him the ‘what for’ and everything that came out of my mouth was trash.”

Steve Austin has been sharing some incredible stories recently while making the rounds on web shows and podcasts – besides his own – like the time baby oil eliminated him from a Royal Rumble match and which WWE belt was a giant hunk of crap.

[via Steve Austin Show]


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