Seriously, The Undertaker, is he doing alright? Because this picture has us worried


For months, Paul Heyman has been explaining how his client, Brock Lesnar, destroyed The Undertaker.

At one point, Heyman mad a comment along the lines of “Lesnar killed the Undertaker” because no one has seen him since Wrestlemania 30.

Well, we all know ‘Taker isn’t actually dead, but this recent photo shot by a fan sure makes it look like Mark Calaway is taking his “dead man” gimmick very seriously in his pseudo-retirement.

The Undertaker Now

Seriously, is he doing alright? I’m asking out of genuine concern. He’s one of my all-time favorite wrestlers (except for that time he locked The Ultimate Warrior in a coffin. That shit gave me nightmares for months. No cool, dude) so I’m just checking up on his general well being.

Rumors of Undertaker’s next return are always swirling around the web — especially with Sting talking up a possible match every other day — but this picture doesn’t make it seem like a possibility.

[via Fansided]