Eminem Goes Sneaker Shopping And Talks About His Air Jordan IV Collaboration Coming Back

Eminem sneaker shopping


Rap legend Eminem granted Joe La Puma from Complex a rare interview about sneakers. The two went sneaker shopping at Burn Rubber in Detroit, Eminem’s hometown, and discussed the forthcoming return of Eminem‘s Air Jordan IV collaboration, one of the hottest sneaker collabs in memory.

Joe points out that Eminem’s such an iconic person in both Rap and Pop Culture that he could release a sneaker collaboration every 2 or 3 months and it would sell out in an instant. To any normal person like you or me, this would be a no-brainer. Get paid every couple of months for putting your name on an awesome product? Yes, please. But here’s what Eminem had to say:

“Nike’s always been pretty much my favorite shoes since I can remember. Since I was a kid, I always liked Nikes and it’s amazing to be able to do something, you know, anything with Jordan in the first place. Me doing that might oversaturate it.”

I don’t want to spoil the video from Complex so let’s just get right to it:

I don’t know about you bros, but I love these videos from Joe La Puma where he goes shopping for sneakers with celebrities. In the most recent video (before the Eminem video) Joe went sneaker shopping with Scott Disick who casually dropped $15,000 on sneakers. The most I’ve ever spent on dress shoes is $600. I can’t even wrap my mind around spending fifteen grand on sneakers.

Now, if I did spend $15k on sneakers like Scott Disick I’m still not sure if I’d show them off on social media at some point. Here’s what Eminem has to say about that:

“I completely get it because I’ve always felt like shoes are like 90 percent of your outfit. So whatever shoes you got on, if you’re wearing a f*cking tablecloth, if you got some cool shoes, you’ll be respected for it for sure.”

What do you bros think? Is it cool to show off your sneakers when it’s 90% of your outfit? Do you even agree that sneakers are 90% of your outfit? Frankly, I think of sneakers/shoes as like 10% of my outfit on any given day but I could be alone in this line of thought.

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