Good Guy Wellness Is A New Hair Loss Treatment For Dudes That Really Works But Won’t Break The Bank

Good Guy Wellness

Brought to you in partnership with Good Guy Wellness.

If you’re one of those bros who sits there in the mirror each morning trying to part your hair perfectly to cover up some thin spots, it’s time you take charge and change up your morning routine. As someone who’s dealt with the above situation before, I was sick and tired of getting out of the shower and coming up with techniques to hide my slow-churning balding, doing whatever I can to disguise the fact I was losing my hair.

From combing it over, to wearing a hat while my hair was wet to flatten it and make it look fuller, it was an uphill battle every single morning as I got ready, unsure of what it’d end up looking like. Well, until I decided to make one little change — adding Good Guy Wellness products to my day.

Now available online and at Walmart


Like some of those other hair loss treatment subscriptions you’ve seen before, Good Guy Wellness delivers hair regrowth products that’ll help build your confidence and save your thinning hair. But, in addition to all that, you won’t be breaking the bank each month, as the cost is below some of those other places that think they can save you from fighting with your hair loss everyday.

With four products that require easy steps — shampoo and conditioner, two bottles of hair regrowth treatment and hair regrowth gummies — when combined together, the total cost is $69. Let’s all just say it together: “Nice!”

Good Guy Wellness offers money back guarantee that its products will do the trick, but the price is well within your budget — especially when considering your other options, which would be hair plugs, which nobody should want, or losing your hair because you’ve decided to wave the white flag.

Now available online and at Walmart


For just $69, getting the total Good Guy Wellness package is literally the gift that you can keep on giving yourself. You do like gifts, don’t you? Especially when it comes in the form of more hair.

If you’re serious about keeping the hair you’ve got left — and even regrowing more to fill in those low spots that keep you up at night — there’s no better at-home treatment than Good Guy Wellness. We think you deserve the best, so what are you waiting for?


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