$20 Million Mansion Features Closet Full Of Unworn Air Jordans Worth $100,000

This mansion features a closet full of unworn Air Jordans that one can only describe as “Sneakerhead Goals.” In an upcoming episode of CNBC‘s Secret Lives of the Super Rich a very wealthy individual owns a mansion in Florida that is worth $20 million that has an unbelievable backyard that is designed to look like the Four Seasons hotel in Bali. But for sneakerheads, the centerpiece of this fancy home is the immense walk-in closet. That is where a collection of mint Jordans are housed. The crazy part is that the owner has a different closet for shoes they actually wear. It’s good to be rich.

“He felt like he truly made it when he could have all of his 300 pairs of immaculate collectible Air Jordans on display,” says Douglas Elliman broker Senada Adzem. “He actually is so proud that he’s got a completely different closet for the shoes he wears every day.” This extravagant property also features a 30-foot-tall marble fireplace that has a hidden door that leads to a secret cigar room. How cool is that? This fantastic estate is located in Delray Beach, Florida.

If you watch the video and want to skip the woman’s closet in this luxurious mansion, go to the 31-second mark. Check out more photos of this magnificent mansion over at CNBC. The episode of Secret Lives of the Super Rich featuring this opulent abode premieres on Wednesday, March 7th at 10pm ET.