Streetwear Legend Nigo (Creator Of Bape) Shows Off His Multi-Million Dollar Collection Of Clothing And Jewelry

by 10 months ago

Nigo, full name Tomoaki Nagao, is a Japanese streetwear legend who created the iconic streetwear brands Bape and Human Made. He has 19 Bape stores in Japan as well as international locations in NYC, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and more.

In 2004, he partnered with Pharrell to launch the Billionaire Boys Club footwear and in 2014 he was named Uniqlo’s creative director for their UT Brand and his own brand Human Made. If Nigo isn’t a name you recognize you can at least trust that this man’s had as much of an impact on streetwear fashion as just about anyone in the game.

For the latest episode of ‘Complex Closets’ with Joe La Puma, NIGO® gives a tour of his unreal collection.

This multi-million dollar collection of vintage clothing, pop-culture, and outrageous diamond jewelry contains more artifacts than any hypebeast could ever hope to acquire in a lifetime but this is what you get when you’re one of the industry’s most successful designers for several decades.

Must be nice, right?

It seems like a little bit of a stretch to call this a ‘closet tour’ when this dude has so much stuff he needs a warehouse to store it all but I respect the hubris here. If I had so much clothing that I needed an entire warehouse to store it all I’d 100% call it a ‘closet’ just to flex on people.

If you’re still wondering what life is like for the 1% you should check out this clip where Tyga shows off over $100,000 worth of sneakers in another episode of Complex Closets:

And here I thought I was insane for needing a 4th shoe rack in my closet. Tyga’s living on a different planet.

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