What To Wear To A Beach Wedding

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It’s just about wedding season, guys, which means you’ve got to show-off your peak style while you’re dancing with all those bridesmaids. Problem is, it can be difficult to constantly be wearing the exact same thing over and over. After all, pictures don’t lie, and the last thing you want to be is the dude who rocks the same outfit at every wedding you go to.

Things can be even more difficult when you go to a destination wedding, as most guys aren’t sure how much they should pack or what they should wear. No joke, there are some times when I just buy my shirt, tie and socks when I get to the destination, trying to keep things as fresh as possible when it comes to my style choices. That’s not for everyone, but, hey, it’s worked well for me.

For those guys who are really trying to go above and beyond, though, when you find yourself at a tropical destination wedding — like a beach — you sure as hell don’t want to be the uncomfortable one wearing dress shoes and slacks, feeling uncomfortable as you stand there to hear vows exchange on the sand. Luckily, you don’t have to be, because OluKai shoes and sandals have some of the most premier options to wear when tasked with a beach wedding.



Obviously, you want to make sure you stick with what’s the preferred dress code, since it will vary by wedding, but if you’re standing under the sun and on some sand, why not have a little fun with the top you’re wearing? That doesn’t necessarily mean going all floral all the time, but, hey, if that’s the theme, go for it.

We suggest going with a traditional cotton button-down or a linen shirt. Both will breathe easily and can paired perfectly with a sport coat for the formal parts of the wedding. It’s sort of your way of saying you’re being respectful without being too over-the-top. Oh, and you can always go with a golf polo, too, since they’re a little more comfortable.

If you’re not wearing a tie, go ahead and unbutton the top of your shirt to show a little taco meat, guys. Anyone who gets married on a beach is probably laid back and the ceremony is small, so there’s no need to show up looking like you’re walking into an important job interview.

olukai shoes


If you’re unfamiliar with OluKai shoes and sandals, we’re here to give you a little more info about things, because the company — which is based in Hawai’i with all products manufactured on the island — is known for its modern, sophisticated and soulful craftsmanship, with each stitch telling a story.

What’s that mean for you? It means that OluKai shoes and sandals bring the spirit of Hawai’i to you.

What better place than at a destination beach wedding to let that spirit and soul be shown off?

Since we want you to be comfortable and stylish, here are some of our go-to OluKai shoes and sandals that can easily be paired with some shorts or rolled up slacks at a wedding. Let’s face it, if a wedding’s on the beach, you’re not going in a full-on suit, so make sure you embrace the pulse of the event with your style options.

Hōkūle‘a Kia – SHOP NOW

The decorative Hōkūle‘a voyage inspired laser-etched footbed detail is enough to grab the attention of anyone you’re talking to, but the story behind the Hōkūle‘a Kia is even more fascinating, as these sandals pay homage to the revered Hōkūle‘a voyaging canoe and its legacy of exploration and courage, celebrating its adventurous spirit. The zig-zag stitching is inspired by the sails of the Hokule‘a, and the soft lining provides superior comfort.

Hikianalia – SHOP NOW

A limited edition sandal from OluKai, the Hikianalia’s decorative graphic and modern design’s inspired by the ingenuity of Hawaiian wayfinding, and honors the canoe’s mission of sustainability and culture as it sails from Hawai’i to California. The leather’s soft, rich and embodies the pattern that symbolizes the ancient navigation technique of using the stars reflected on the ocean surface as a guide.

Alania – SHOP NOW

With a charcoal on charcoal color scheme, the Alania might look like any regular flip flop, but get a little closer and you’ll notice the intrepid details that OluKai put into this sandal. From the antiqued, waxed, and waterproof nubuck leather straps with the kapa patterns, to the celestial inspired pod design on the outsole, the Alania is unique in design and has sustained comfort.


One of the most detailed sandals that OluKai makes, the Hoe has sea urchin-inspired strap perforations with an antiqued full-grain leather upper and ocean-inspired laser-etched footbed. With its decorative hand-sewn strap stitching, the soft leather will let your feet sit comfortably for optimum pleasure.


olukai shoes

We know that destination weddings can be difficult — especially ones that are on a beach. But with any of the options from OluKai shoes and sandals, you’ll be telling a story like no one else can while celebrating your friends or family, and that’s something that’s worth bragging about.


Obviously, the most traditional look would be slacks, so that should always be your default option anytime you go to a wedding. Since this is a destination wedding, just pack lightly and bring a breathable with a nice pair of shorts so that you can compare with the outfits of other wedding attendees. Once you get there, you might find out that most people are going low key, so you can rock shorts to fit right in.

If you do opt for slacks, go with some light khakis that fit the theme. Sure, most people sway towards something dark or navy blue, but we suggest a stone color or something pastel that matches the bright colors of the outdoors. Roll up those suckers at the bottom and show why your style’s fashionable, functional and fun.

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