Buy Yourself A Gift This Holiday Season And Grab A Pair Of The Most Comfortable $75 Jeans Out There

Brought to you in partnership with Revtown Jeans.

How’s your Christmas shopping going? Hold on let me guess.

Dad — Socks and a power drill.

Mom — Slippers and a $100 Home Goods gift card.

Brother: An eighth of that sticky stuff.

Sister: A month’s worth of classes at SoulCycle.

Girlfriend: A Pandora bracelet that required you to drain your 401k.

Isn’t it time you give yourself a gift? YES, yes it is.

Hey, I have an idea. Pick yourself up the best pants you’ll ever own–REVTOWN Jeans.

We’ve talked extensively about being fanboys of the Pittsburgh-based denim company here at BroBible because we appreciate, like most do,

comfort, affordability, durability, and style (CADS). We don’t think that’s asking too much of something you’ll wear the majority of the week.

Let’s break down that acronym into its parts.

Comfort — All Revtown jeans feature Decade Demin, premium Italian yarn with “four-way, dynamic stretch and constructed with the strongest fibers in apparel design today.” In laymans terms, that means they feel like your favorite pair of sweatpants. Also breathable in the crotch region–underrated quality.

Affordability — All premium jeans are very reasonably priced at $75. I’ve had happy hour tabs higher than this, and those lasted like 2 hours.

Durability — You’ll keep these pants longer than you’ll keep your hair. Check out the stitching on these puppies, every last detail is well-crafted.

Style — Revtown offers two fits: Sharp and Automatic. Sharp is when you want to look refined and like you have your shit all the way together. Automatics are your everyday jeans you slip on without even thinking about it.



Purchase yourself a gift, bro. Revtowns will be the gift that keeps on giving. I love you too much to lie to you.


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