Revtown Jeans’ Taper Fit Are Your New Favorite Pair Of Jeans

Presented in partnership with Revtown Jeans…

It’s the time of year where jeans and t-shirts becomes the unofficial outfit for guys everywhere, as the springtime teases us with warm and sunny days that aren’t quite hot enough to get away with shorts yet. Hey, there’s no complaining from me, since I’m the kind of dude who loves that type of style year-round anyway, so I’m all for it!

In order to pull that look off, though, you need the right clothes. That’s why Revtown Jeans’ Taper Jean is the perfect complement to this season’s style, because they fit any body frame to perfection, while giving the appearance of those way-too-expensive designer jeans; but without the high price tag.


Look, we’ve all fallen victim to stiff, tight jeans before, which bring all sorts of an uncomfortable feeling when sitting around the office, or when trying to keep frustration hidden on top of a barstool at happy hour. Revtown Jeans’ Taper Jeans are meant to counter that feeling, making them the ideal denim for all your springtime adventures.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, Revtown’s Taper Jean isn’t a skinny jean. In fact, it’s the anti-skinny jean thanks to the craftsmanship and the revolutionary Italian denim, which is infused with a touch of stretch for added mobility and comfort.

With the brand’s popular Sharp fit in the waist and hips, a slimmer thigh, and a taper from the knee to a slim leg opening, these will hug you in the right spots without making you feel too tight in certain areas. See, not all skinny jeans are created equal, guys.


The springtime is the best time to be a guy. We get to combine casual with professional, while looking and feeling great — and Revtown Jeans’ Taper Jeans are the best way to show-off your style this year. And with a number of different washes available to get the right pair for you, you’ll be looking your best no matter what’s on the agenda as those longer spring days hit.

There may have been a time when you swore off skinny jeans, but, thanks to the Revtown recreating how the cut can feel, you may just be bragging about being a skinny jean guy for good; so make sure to scoop a pair or two to complete your wardrobe this season.



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