Apple And Intel Are Breaking Up

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Apple held its Worldwide Developer Conference (aka WWDC) yesterday… presumably so angry hordes of app makers couldn’t get their hands on Timmy Take-A-Cut . 

So what’d I miss?

Tim Apple demoed the new iOS14, which will give users the ability to set default email and browser apps (f*ck off, Safari) and pin widgets on the home screen. There’s also the creation of a Memoji avatar that has a facemask, so you’ll be able to practice safe sexts.

And let’s not forget the belle of the ball. Siri has been updated to respond 20 times faster than a few years ago, meaning she can say ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t understand’ in the blink of an eye.

All that and a bag of chips

Apple is bringing operations in house, as the tech company stated it will have completely phased out its use of Intel processors by 2021. Instead, Timbo Slice and his squad will use custom Apple chips, ending its fifteen year run of going to Intel for its processing needs. AJ wrote about it a few weeks back… check it out.

And the move could pay off, as one analyst believes the custom ARM Mac models with the new chips could outperform current day models with Intel’s processing by 50-100%.

The majority of Apple’s competitors, such as HP, Dell, Samsung, and Microsoft rely on Intel or AMD chips. So this could be another competitive advantage… in addition to how cool it looks to blog in a coffee shop with a Mac.

You can check out the rest of the announcements and changes hereSpoiler: still no headphone jack.

The bottom line…

There was likely some tension in the WWDC chat room yesterday, as Apple is at odds with the developer community. Match and Spotify have recently criticized Apple for taking too large of a cut of in app purchases.

How large? O, just 30%, which is why Basecamp’s Hey, which is a paid email app, did not include an option for users to subscribe and pay via Apple Pay.

In turn, Apple blocked the Gmail wannabe’s bug fix, which turned out to be a bad move, as it received additional criticism for that choice. But you can rest easy tonight, knowing that the bug fix was pushed through last Friday for temporary use.

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