Stop Making These Assumptions While Job Hunting Because They’re Killing Your Chances At A New Gig

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Job hunting comes with plenty of mistakes. There are resume mistakes, interview mistakes and mistakes made when accepting a new job.

One of the biggest blunders for job hunters isn’t quite tangible, it’s a negative mindset, and the miscalculations involve the assumptions people make about jobs and companies.

Fast Company covers the five beliefs that people need to ditch while looking for a new position but the overarching theme involves the victim card. People need to stop blaming themselves for things entirely out of their control.

The first assumption FC wants people to ditch is the idea that just because a person offering career help doesn’t follow-up, it doesn’t mean he or she isn’t interested in helping.  People get busy and “get inundated with messages all day, so it’s your job to be thoughtful about standing out.” Try to reach out again in a couple days.

The author also warns to stop assuming job hunting has only been difficult for you. Newsflash – it’s hard for everyone. It’s harder than ever before. You’re not the only person being ignored or having difficulty getting an interview.

Negative thinking like “I’m never going to land the job I want” and whining about things “not being fair” are two other mindsets to dump to start making headway in the job search. Negative thinking brings negative results.

And finally, Fast Company warns applicants against talking themselves out applying for specific positions just because they don’t have the listed experiences or qualifications that the company listed in the job description.  “Job descriptions often set out a wish list of qualities required of candidates that are more aspirational than mandatory.”

The article suggests breaking the job description down into specific tasks. If you’re confident you could succeed in each, then apply.

“Rejection is an unavoidable part of the process,” the article concludes, “and so the quicker you learn to bounce back and re-strategize, the more success you’ll find.”

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