Here Are 10 Companies Currently Hiring And Offering People Over $100K

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It takes a lot of money to have the kind of lifestyle that most of us would like to, regardless of whether we know it yet or not.

It is easy to get trapped in a rut in our early twenties, one where we are forced to consume a diet of lunch meat sandwiches, Ramen noodles, and tap water just to keep the body alive and kicking.

We also sleep in apartments infested with cockroaches and basically, live paycheck to measly paycheck trying to make ends meet.

This way of life, however, gets old real fucking quick.

It was never our intention to become degenerate hobos and exist in the equivalent of squalor.

We don’t feel good about having to dig in the couch cushions for enough change to afford a beer.

And we feel worse because we can only afford one beer.

Some might say that living this crackhead lifestyle is just part of paying one’s dues.

The idea is that before we go on to make something of ourselves, we must first be shown the gates of hell to prevent us from ever passing through them.

While others will never rise above the filth and try to better themselves – these gutless fucks will sink into a purgatory of mediocrity for all time – the real soldiers, those with dreams, aspirations and a loathsome disdain for insect roommates, will concoct a savage plan to take over the world.

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For those of you now thinking, “Fuck yeah, I’m fed up with this shithole apartment and always having to fight the roaches for my next meal,” the good news is we may have a few leads that will push you closer to the good life than you ever imagined.

But unless you have Rockstar skills in the areas of software engineering, management or pharmaceutical drugs, the best advice we have is to stock up on RAID.

For the rest of you, a recent report from Ladders shows there are fifteen companies set to go on a massive hiring spree this month that have a starting salary of around $100,000 or more.

As we mentioned earlier, the majority of these positions are for software developers who can relocate to major cities across the United States. We’d give our left nut for $100k, so yeah, relocation is not a problem.

The most significant opportunity is at Microsoft. The company reportedly has more than 1,000 positions available that pay six-figure salaries.

That’s enough money to drive a nice car, keep a cockroach free apartment and never again have to scrounge the crevasses of the furniture for enough spare change to catch a buzz.

It is also enough cash to ensure you are never spending another Saturday night alone.

This might be a massive benefit for those guys who had trouble getting dates in the past because, well, girls typically have an aversion to going out with men who can’t afford dinner.

Just in case you are one of the go-getters wanting to move into 2020 with a fat stack of cash in the bank, here are the top ten companies looking to cough up at least $100,000 per year for the right skills.

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Microsoft: The Washington-based company has 1,135 positions available in cities all over the nation. The role of a software developer is in the highest demand.

Cognizant Technology Solutions: The New Jersey-based IT service firm has 830 positions available that come with six figures. They too are hungry for Software developers.

Infosys: The company is the second-largest Indian tech firm. It presently has around 795 positions available. And you guessed it, the best way to get involved with the company is if you have experience as a software developer.

NTT DATA Services: The Tokyo-based company founded in 1978 is one of the leading IT firms in the world. It has 753 positions available, most of which are for software developers.

Perspecta: The Virginia-based aerospace and defense company now has 725 positions available all over the country. The job that is in the highest demand, however, is a systems architect and engineer.

Walmart: The retail giant is also looking for employees, and not just to stock shelves either. The company now has approximately 695 jobs available that pay $100,000 per year or more. Most of them are for software developers.

JP Morgan Chase & Co: The New York-based banking firm now has 583 positions available that pay at least six figures. Software developers stand the best chance at being awarded this kind of payday.

Compass: The North Carolina-based food service company is looking to hire 572 people this year and start them off at six figures. The company is searching for general managers and location managers more than anything else.

Amazon: Gargantuan Internet retailer Amazon has 570 positions available that pay the big bucks. Software developers are in the highest demand.

Raytheon Co: The cybersecurity firm is looking to put on around 566 employees in the coming months. It is desperately seeking systems architects and engineers.

The other five companies in the list willing to cough up a $100,000 per year for your services are also searching for software developers, systems architects, and engineers.

However, Rhode Island-based CVS Health, owner of the 550 CVS locations across the United States, is hoping to pay 485 new employees six figures, as well. They are hoping to lure in a bunch of qualified pharmacists.

We should point out that you’re probably going to need a Doctor of Pharmacy degree to get this job. CVS isn’t just going to offer you $100,000 a year because you used to sell weed to the neighborhood kids.

So, tell em’ you’ll take $75,000 and see what happens!


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