Elon Musk Just Doesn’t Know When To Quit

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You can’t stop Elon, you can only hope to contain him. Tesla’s leader resumed production at its Fremont factory, breaking the stay-at-home order enforced by Alameda county since March 23rd. Musk tweeted the re-opening after the market closed and didn’t impact after-hours trading.

The move comes just days after Musk tweeted that he would take his factory and go home (in this case Texas or Nevada) if the Governor did not allow Tesla to go back to work. Somebody must be thinking about that bonus. Gov. Gavin Newsom technically put the decision into the county’s hands last week, and it decided to uphold the order.

Essential oil

Lonnie EV has been trying to argue that Tesla performs an essential function for the state of California as it is the only car manufacturer that exists in the Golden State. In a shock to very few, Gov. Newsom found out about Tesla reopening as he prepared for his daily coronavirus presser. Seems like the two are keeping in touch well.

The move put Alameda county in a tight spot. Although it did issue a statement saying it was working with Tesla to form a plan and would support its efforts for Minimum Basic Operations. Still, it kind of feels like the crew over at Alameda county hall just got the political equivalent of Shaq dunking on you, naked, after eating 30 Papa John pizzas.

And if that’s not bad enough, Secretary Mnuchin has come out in support of Elon getting back to business.

The bottom line…

It’s Elon’s world, and we are just living in it. The funny thing about the veiled threats to move Tesla out of California is that he personally would stand to save billions by moving to Texas or Nevada where there is no income tax.

However, the cost of picking up the whole company and moving production would likely kill the momentum Tesla has built over the last year. And Lord knows it took them long enough to build it… and the circus tents in the parking lot.

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💧 “What’s the difference between a genius and a psychopath?” (Ian, The Water Coolest HQ)


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