Employers Shared The Worst Job Interviews They’ve Ever Witnessed So Don’t Do These Things

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Job interviews are almost never fun, but they can be downright brutal if you really screw one up. Which is why every now and then when we see some tips or advice that might help you folks out down the road we try to share.

Most of the time that means we share some of the things that you SHOULD do when you go into a job interview. Occasionally, however, it also important to know what NOT to do in a job interview, unless you want to fail like these people did in epic fashion, according to the employers who witnessed the carnage.

I was the hiring manager at a major grocery retailer. I called a guy to schedule an interview, and sent him a confirmation email with the date, time, and our company’s logo in the header and along with the address in the signature of the email.

Dude shows up 20 minutes late, and says “sorry I’m late – I went to direct competitor grocery store on the other side of town because I thought that’s where the interview was.” I’m not sure how he figured it out finally (and how he DIDN’T figure it out before leaving the house that morning). ~ glorious_one

Had an interviewee show up 10 minutes late to an interview, tell us our clock was wrong and proceed to take it off the wall and adjust it. After he left of course we adjusted it back to the actual time.

EDIT: The interview was for an architect. He did not get the job. We needed someone we could work with. ~ eggplantsrin

“you guys would be lucky to have me, Google is trying to recruit me too.”

I wished him the best of luck at his job with Google. ~ loki8481

Me: You mentioned on your application that you are a good leader, could you give me an example of your leadership abilities?

Candidate: “Absolutely! At my last job we hated our Chef and I organized the kitchen staff to walk out during the Friday night rush.” ~ omahamyhomaha

A guy showed up to a job fair at a nice hotel downtown. He walks in dressed like he just came off the corner selling dope. Long baggy shorts, ratty old Jordans, and a baggy hoodie. We thought he just came in the wrong hall but sure enough he was here for an interview.

The other manager decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and started interviewing him. About five minutes in to the interview the guy asks if it was OK for him to park out front of the hotel. Now this Hotel is on the busiest street in the city and there were about 20 signs around saying no parking. The other manager tells the guy this and he yells “OH SHIT!” and runs out.

He came back about an hour later, this time smelling strongly of weed. He said he parked his car and wanted to continue the interview. We told him thanks but we have already filled the position. He freaked out then started demanding we pay for his parking and parking ticket. He was then removed by security. ~ ex-ape

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