Leadership Expert Reveals The One Thing Everyone Should Do Before Any Job Interview

expert reveals one thing to do before job interview


We’ve shared a lot of job interview tips and stories here over the years. Hopefully some of them have worked out for you guys and helped you land a sweet gig. However, if you happen to be one of those still in the market for new, or any, employment here’s a another tip that might help you nail your next job interview.

Leadership expert and bestselling author Simon Sinek recently conducted a Facebook Live interview with Business Insider in which he revealed what he calls the “friends test.”

In the interview Sinek explained how the “friends test” can help you with that brutal “tell me about yourself and why we should hire you” line of questioning.

It goes like this…

Step 1: Pick a friend who you love and who loves you. You can’t choose a family member or a spouse.

Step 2: Ask that person, “Why are we friends?”

Sinek said that person will probably be weirded out at first because you’re asking them to put complicated feelings into words. So change up the wording: “What is it about me that I know you would be there for me no matter what?”

Then your friend will probably start describing the qualities of any friend: “You’re funny” or “You’re loyal.” So you’ll have to push them to describe you specifically.

“Eventually,” Sinek said, “they’ll give up and they’ll stop describing you and they’ll start describing themselves” — how you make them feel and the value you add to their lives.

Think about it. If the qualities that makes a close friend enjoy your relationship aren’t good enough for a potential employer then maybe that’s not the right job for you.

Check out Sinek’s entire interview below and hey, good luck out there!

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