Here’s How Long It Will Take You To Become A 401K Millionaire

401K millionaire


If you’re looking for a good blog about personal finance, you will be hard pressed to find one better than Financial Samurai. The site delves into all topics pertaining to your money, and the founder Sam does a terrific job of making all his content easily digestible, even for beginners.

Since most of us are working for the day we no longer have to work, one of the biggest topics you will read about on personal finance blog is obviously investing for retirement. And in a recent blog, Sam highlighted just how long it would take a person to become a 401K millionaire. His calculations assume that you are 1) starting from zero, 2) contributing the yearly max of $18,500, 3) not receiving any kind of company match, and 4) getting the historical average annual return for all investments based on the investment allocation you choose. Get it? Got it? Good.

Below is a chart from Financial Samurai with all the breakouts of how long it will take to become a 401K millionaire.

401K millionaire

So there you have it. Risk it all buy putting everything in a 100% equity portfolio and there is a historical chance that you will be a millionaire (in your 401K) in 18 years.

For a deeper dive into 401K investing and balances by age, head over to Financial Samurai.