These Are The 10 Highest Paying Jobs You Can Score With Only A Bachelor’s Degree

It’s hard to hit the ground making $$$$$ straight out of college. Everyone’s seen those job listings that read something like ‘entry level, 5+ years of experience required, must be tri-lingual, ambidextrous, willing to work 100+ hour weeks for peanuts’. Getting that first job can be a real son of a bitch, but getting that first high-paying job can be significantly harder because it requires working your way up the totem pole…But there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Using figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Business Insider compiled this chart that shows the 10 highest paying jobs for people with only a Bachelor’s Degree. For the record, there’s nothing wrong with ‘only’ having a Bachelor’s Degree. What they’re trying to show here is that you can make a fuck ton as a lawyer, doctor, or with a Ph.D. in rocket science, but you can also get PAID with only a Bachelor’s Degree if you play your cards right:

Major takeaway: you need to work your way up to the Manager Level, or CEO, and that’s when you’ll be getting paid. Sure, you can make a shit ton of money in sales if you work your ass off but that’s all commission based, and doesn’t count here since it’s not salary related.

Frankly, I’m shocked to see that airline pilots still get paid so much. I thought I’d read a few years ago that pilots no longer made bank. A median annual wage in 2016 of $127K for pilots is pretty damn good though. Business Insider actually pulled stats on the ‘25 Highest Paying Jobs You Can Get With A Bachelor’s Degree‘, not just the top 10. So, if you want to see the other 15 just click that link!