Here Are The Hottest Jobs Going Into 2019 And You Want To Be A Software Developer

To understand what the hottest jobs for 2019, we should look back at the top jobs from 2018. The trends continue to point at technology careers dominating the best jobs, especially software developers.

PayScale, a website that “helps employers and their employees understand the right pay for every position, released their report of the hottest jobs of 2018. Once again, technology reigned supreme. According to Payscale’s Economic Trends: Reflections On 2018, Prediction For 2019 report, the fastest-growing job in 2018 was a full stack software developer, which grew by a ridiculous 572 percent. A full stack developer is “someone with familiarity in each layer, if not mastery in many and a genuine interest in all software technology.” The responsibilities for this job include “knowing how to interact with APIs and the external world; user interface and user experience.”

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According to Glassdoor, a full stack software engineer makes an average base salary of $115,462. Here is a guide on how to be a full stack software developer and here are open positions for the highly coveted job.

“The abundance of data has necessitated [hiring people] to analyze, model, store, and protect this important commodity,” PayScale Chief Economist Katie Bardaro told Yahoo Finance. “Therefore, the jobs we see as the most in demand are those that fall into these categories: data scientist, data warehouse engineers, and cybersecurity specialists.”

“As companies invest in their usage of the internet, the need for this job has increased,” Bardaro said. “Additionally, as companies try to remain agile in their software development approach, having employees who can address problems as they arise, regardless of which part of the product they impact, is necessary for quick iterations and improvements.”

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The second hottest job last year was the community engagement director, which grew by nearly 300 percent. In third place was the lead graphic designer, which grew 234 percent. Payscale predicts that cloud computing and artificial intelligence (A.I.) will see the largest growth in 2019. Better get a job in tech before the robots take over everything.

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