25 Highest Paying Jobs In America List For 2018 Shows That The Money Is In Health Care

So you want to make the big bucks, huh? Get in line. But there is a way to fast-track your way to financial success by getting a job in high demand. To make your rise to the top easier, we can point you in the right direction with this list of the highest-paying jobs in 2018.

Glassdoor, the job listing and recruiting website site with a database of millions of company reviews, released their 2018 report of the “Highest Paying Jobs in America.” You’ll quickly notice that health care is at the top of the list. The top three careers are health care-related and there are five in the top 10.

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The other industry that dominated Glassdoor’s 2018 list is technology. Out of the top 25 U.S. occupations, 13 were tech jobs. That includes positions such as enterprise architect, IT program manager, and several software-related jobs.

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Here are the top 10 highest-paying jobs in America for 2018:

  • Physician: $195,842 base salary
  • Pharmacy Manager: $146,412 base salary
  • Pharmacist: $127,120 base salary
  • Enterprise Architect: $115,944 base salary
  • Corporate Counsel: $115,580 base salary
  • Software Development Manager: $108,879 base salary
  • Physician Assistant: $108,761 base salary
  • Software Engineering Manager: $107,479 base salary
  • Nurse Practitioner: $106,962 base salary
  • Software Architect: $105,329 base salary

You can see the entire list of the 25 highest-paying jobs in the U.S. over at Glassdoor.

To decide the highest-paying job titles, the positions had to receive at least 100 salary reports shared by employees based in the U.S. over the past year (7/1/17 – 6/30/18). Glassdoor also utilized their own proprietary statistical algorithm to estimate annual median base pay.

A survey by Glassdoor found that salary was a major factor when job seekers were searching for new positions. The study found that 67 percent of job seekers considered salary when scanning job listings, more than any other piece of information on ads.

For more advice on what career you should pursue, U.S. News & World Report released their “2018 Best Jobs” list as well as “Best Paying Jobs” list a few months ago. Job recruiting site Indeed also released their 25 best jobs for 2018 list earlier in the year.

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