The CEO Of Glassdoor Says This Is The Single Most Important Thing To Do Before A Job Interview

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Few things in life are more stressful than an important job interview. You’re dressed in clothes you don’t normally wear, in an unfamiliar room, speaking to strangers, and you are expected to answer questions and perform at 100%. Glassdoor is one of the world’s best and fastest growing marketplaces for jobs, and the Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman is one of the industry’s top experts.

He recently spoke with Business Insider about the single most important factor in nailing a job interview. The one thing that everyone needs to do in order to perform well in an interview really isn’t that complicated, and I think it’s quasi-basic knowledge. But Glassdoor CEO Rober Hohman goes into depth on why everyone should be informed:

“At a macro level, really the most important thing you can do when getting a job is to be informed,” Robert Hohman told Business Insider.
“Be informed, understand the company that you’re interviewing with. Make sure it’s the company that you think it is and it’s really a fit for you – culturally, their mission, vision, and values standpoint.
“Then, make it your business to understand that company: its issues, its problems, its challenges. And talk about them in the interview. When someone shows up and has done their homework, it’s so stark and it stands out.” (via)

It sounds simple, right? Do as much homework as possible about the company you’re working for. It’s not like the person interviewing you is typically going to grill you with questions about the company itself, but you need to know as much about the industry as possible. Your resumé is always going to speak for itself, but it’s important to read every piece of information you can about the job, company, and industry before an interview so you can relate your work experience (or lack thereof) to the job at hand. It’s shocking how many people don’t actually take the time to do this. (h/t Business Insider)

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