This Simple LinkedIn Profile Fix Could Lead To Way More Career Opportunities

LinkedIn Profile Mistakes


LinkedIn boasts over 500 million users with 40% of people checking to the career-oriented social media website on the daily. With all those people and all those potential connections, it seems almost impossible not to find work.

Maybe it’s your profile mistakes squashing your chances and making the next big jump in your career.

Forbes compiled this list of the ten mistakes killing most LinkedIn profiles. The first few are fixable and should be no-brainers. Dumb errors like poor or inappropriate headshots, bad headlines, and zero personal or professional references can be modified in a matter of minutes but the article author, Liz Ryan, makes one suggestion that could boost your appearance to potential employers or strong networking connections.

Ryan probably sifted through hundreds of resumes from potential hires in her time as a Fortune 500 HR Senior Vice President, and she’s emploring that people list as many activities as possible on their LinkedIn profile.

“You are an active person with many interests and a lot going on in your life and career,” explains Ryan, “tell us about that stuff, too! Your activities on LinkedIn tell us what you read, follow and care about. Don’t leave that information out of your profile.”

These activities aren’t just work-specific. If you spend weekends running 10Ks, running a neighborhood dog owner meet-up, or brewing ancient beer in your basement, list those on your resume. Brag about any hobbies that fill up your time outside the office. Companies want to see you’re a well rounded individual and not just some annoying robot that will shuffle around the office.

Here’s where to find accomplishments on LinkedIn. (Yes, that’s my profile. Go ahead and connect with me while you’re there.)

LinkedIn Accomplishments

Add talents, certifications, projects, honors outside of work, or any extracurricular that will make people go “this person is amazing!”

And get rid of the profile picture doing a keg stand.

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