Ripple Jumps Ahead Of Ethereum As #2 Cryptocurrency After Bitcoin Thanks To Huge Growth In 2017

by 2 years ago
Ripple Bitcoin ethereum


Five months ago, we told you about the explosive growth of Ripple and how it had an astonishing first half of 2017. The digital currency start-up based out of San Francisco saw its value soar by a mind-blowing 3,977% in the first six months of 2017. The astonishing surge hasn’t stopped and now we find Ripple as the second biggest cryptocurrency behind only Bitcoin.

After a sensational month and up over 45% in the last 24 hours, Ripple has vaulted ahead of Ethereum (Read more about Ethereum HERE) as the #2 highest market value, only topped by the mighty Bitcoin. At the time of publication, Ripple’s XRP flaunted a market capitaliazation of $78,669,174,604. Ripple edges out Ethereum, which has a market value of $72,733,403,882, but trails Bitcoin’s $247,920,672,288, according to Ripple has had bonkers gains in 2017 and is up 32,057% for the year.