3 Simple Ways To Save Money That You Probably Never Tried

How Much Money Roommate Can Save


There are literally thousands of different ways to save money each month. None should involve stiffing restaurant servers.

You could get a roommate, invest in food containers and even save some bank if you’re constantly shopping on Amazon.

The good people over at Every Dollar are always coming up with new ways to save money and prevent people from blowing through funds and living paycheck to paycheck.

ED recently published this piece on how to stop spending money and gave simple suggestions on keeping more money in your pocket when you’re shopping for clothes, food and other daily expenditures.

Three of the suggestions really stuck out as useful and ones that I’d never really thought of before now.

Here are 3 simples ways to save money that you’ve probably never tried.

1.Order your groceries online

“When you order your groceries online, you can track the total cost as you go,” explains Every Dollar, “and then if you’re over budget, you can delete items from your virtual cart before you check out. You don’t have to walk through the grocery store with a calculator in hand to make sure you aren’t shocked at the register.”

Ordering online means fewer impulse purchases and buying food not on the list just because you’re hungry, or it’s on sale.

2. Use washable towels over paper towels

The average roll of paper towels costs about $.97 – these are the cheap kind – and let’s say you average about two rolls a week. That’s $100 a year on something you use to wipe your mouth and hands and toss away.

Every Dollar explains, “You probably already have hand towels tucked in a drawer or cabinet somewhere. If not, ask your mom to buy or crochet you some for Christmas. Or hit up your local dollar store. These things aren’t expensive, and using them instead of a new paper towel sheet every time means fewer trips to the store and to the dumpster.”

3. Buy in bulk

Seems odd right? Buying more to save money. But ED explains why this is a good idea for some purchases.

“Buying in bulk doesn’t always save you money. But it often does. Check out those price-per-ounce figures. If buying that giant box of cheese crackers or toilet paper is cheaper by the unit, then you’ll spend less not only on the product but also on trips to the store.”

You’re not likely to see an immediate boost to your checking and savings account, but over time these simple changes will pay off.

Maybe take those extra bucks and try this savings trick that will get you $1,300 in just one year.

[via Every Dollar]

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