Want To Save Money On Amazon? Here’s A Very Simple Hack That’ll Work Every Time You Shop

Hack Save Money shopping On Amazon


If you can’t figure out how to stop spending money, then you might as well save some money every time you spend, right? Right!

Do you shop on Amazon? Ha! Just kidding! Of course you do. Would you like to save money when you shop on Amazon? Again, kidding. Of course you would. We are here to help.

First of all, are you an Amazon Prime member? If you aren’t, what’s the matter with you. There is so much stuff to buy!!

Sorry. I love me some Amazon. Too much. Back to my original point: how to save money when shopping on Amazon — every time.

This brilliant Amazon shopping hack comes to us from the smart folks over at Money. You ready? Okay, here it is.

Amazon prices are generally very competitive. But shoppers who browse around regularly are well aware that Amazon does not have the cheapest prices all the time. Amazon prices can and do change quite often as well. To figure out if you’re getting a good deal at Amazon, use the online service CamelCamelCamel, which tracks the pricing history of items at Amazon.com — and will send you an alert if the price drops to a certain level you specify.

Ummm, did you guys know about CamelCamelCamel? Because I didn’t. And now I will never shop Amazon the same way again.

Money also shared several other VERY USEFUL TIPS to help us save money when we shop on Amazon.

• The best deals occur on Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday, and pretty much the entire winter holiday season. (But we already knew that, right?)

• If you always start your shopping search on Amazon (like I do), don’t just assume they are the cheapest (they often are not). Use a price-comparison app like ShopSavvy to check out what competitors like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Costco are charging.

• Even if Amazon is the cheapest, consider asking a competitor like Walmart and Target to match the price (they will) so you can just run down there and pick it up RIGHT NOW.

• Use coupons. Yes, coupons… on Amazon. They are an actual thing.

• If you still don’t have Amazon Prime you can still get free shipping if you spend $25 or more. It will just take a few more days to get to you.

Hack Save Money shopping On Amazon


• Buy something and want to return it, but really don’t want to pay the shipping back to Amazon? Sometimes you can just package the item back up, go to a Kohl’s store, Amazon Locker location, or somewhere like college campuses with Amazon stores, and they will ship it back free of charge. Also, did you know that all non-digital products purchased using Alexa are eligible for free returns? Because they are.

• Did you know that Amazon customers who utilize government assistance such as Medicaid or EBT cards can get a discount on Amazon Prime? And so can college students?

• You can also get 5% back on all purchases at Amazon and Whole Foods if you use a Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card. Plus you get cash back on every other purchase you make outside of Amazon as well.

So… who’s ready to do a little shopping?!

For even more Amazon shopping tips and hacks head on over to Money.

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