Meet Rufus, the killer hawk who keeps Wimbledon free of nuisance pigeons

By 06.23.14

For years the Wimbledon grounds were plagued by nuisance pigeons who would disrupt the games, that all changed when Rufus, the killer security hawk, came along.

Rufus’ job? To keep the grounds free of flying rats. He’s been on the beat now for fourteen years, and though they don’t explicitly show him killing pigeons in this video I can only begin to imagine how many disgusting pigeons he’s mauled.

And I know that I only just last week changed my official ‘Spirit Animal’ to the yawning puppy, but I’m willing to convert once again to Rufus. Living in NYC there aren’t many things I hate as much as pigeons. I don’t see the beauty in them that some New Yorkers do, instead all I hear is the incessant cooing and hooing outside my f*cking windows at all hours of the night.

God bless you Rufus, you’re truly doing the Lord’s work.


This yawning puppy is my spirit animal



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