The many ways to die in ‘Dead Space 3’

By 02.11.13

Unfortunately, much like the rest of Dead Space 3, they pale in comparison to all the gruesome ways you bite the dust in parts 1 & 2.

Still, if your idea of kicking off a new work week is to watch a six plus minute long clip of some guy in space suit getting his head ripped off every five seconds, then you knock yourself out…

But alas, most of them are on the generic side. And the few interesting ones, like getting vomited in the face with acid, is directly from part two.

Speaking of which, if you have the additional time to spare, here’s highlight from that one. It’s highlight reel is almost fifteen minutes long, which really does prove that part 3 is only half as good as part 2 (and that’s being generous)…

Also, nothing beats the horror of that eye examination gone very wrong.

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