Dog Tries An Atomic Sour Warhead And His Reaction Is Priceless (This Dog’s Also Stronger Than You)

By 11.07.16

This dog wants absolutely nothing to do with that super sour warhead candy. I used to be like that dog until I eventually came to see the light and realized how delicious warhead candies are.

I’m a straight up sucker for candy. I spent half of my life thinking I hate sour candies and that gummies were my poison of choice only to find out about 6 years ago that sour gummies are where it’s at. And now I feel like a total buffoon for not coming around to the world of sours even earlier. And for those of you out there wondering how/why I’m not 400 pounds for eating candy on the regular it’s because I hit the gym 4-6 days a week to supplement my affection for candy because if you’re going to eat like shit you might as well workout to back tat up, right?

…(h/t r/videos)…

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