Hot UCLA Volleyball Player’s Career Ends With A Speedy Spike To The Face And I Swear I’m Not Laughing

By 12.14.16


Ryann Chandler is the daughter of former NFL quarterback Chris Chandler, but more importantly, is a very attractive volleyball player at UCLA. Well, was. According to Busted Coverage, Chandler’s career came to an end in a particularly painful way as she took a spike to the face piece on the final point of UCLA’S match against Minnesota in the Elite 8 of the NCAA women’s volleyball tournament.

The internet did it’s damn job and assembled the face spike on loop, for public consumption.

Chandler was a hell of a sport about it and you gotta give her props for typing correctly when both of her eyes are swollen shut. Probably.

If I know Ryann Chandler like I think I know Ryann Chandler, and I don’t, she’ll bounce back from this quite nicely and continue being the bombshell that she is.


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Round 2

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when ur moms a 10 💙❤️💥

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gettin toasty w/ @abbychampion 🙂

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[h/t Busted Coverage]


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