Happy Monday, there are more alleged leaked Demi Lovato naked pics


So remember those alleged leaked Demi Lovato naked pics a few months back? Turns out there are more and this time we’re pretty sure they’re real. Also of note, she’s in bed with none other than Wilmer Valederrama looking a little bit post-coital. Of course the money shot photos have all or part of her face cropped so there’s still an element of doubt, but it’s a doubt that I and I am sure many of you will be willing to overlook.

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Of course I can’t show you those photos here, but as is always my duty when something as momentous as this occurs as you Internet guide to the world of celebrity babes I shall point you in the right directions: And those directions would be something along the lines of this. I think you can figure out the rest.

You’re welcome.

Oh and since we’re on the subject of leaked nude pics, how about Nina Agdal? (Hint: theblemish.com) Yes, it’s quite a Monday morning, folks.

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Demi Lovato image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock