Is Ana Trujic the hottest woman in South Africa?

Because that’s what the folks over at FHM South Africa are calling Ana Trujic. And here I sit having absolutely no freaking idea who the heck she is. Call me crazy, but I can name a whole lot of sexy women from South Africa, and the name Ana Trujic isn’t one of them. FHM even called Ana Trujic that on the cover of their new issue and said their readers were begging for her.

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So I just did a Google search for her and came up with nothing more than a Twitter account (with just 830-some followers) and a Facebook page. Not even a bio. Guess we’ll just have to watch this video and see what the fuss is all about, huh?

Here are even more sexy South African women, all of whom we have heard of before.

Photo credit: YouTube/FHM