Andy Kaufman is not dead according to his alleged daughter

The authenticity of the death of comedian Andy Kaufman has been debated for years, and now a 24 year-old woman claims that Andy Kaufman is still alive and that she is his daughter.

Monday at the Andy Kaufman Awards in New York, Andy’s brother Michael was giving his closing speech when he mentions a letter in which Andy says he faked his own death. “Everything was great in his life and he just wanted to get away from being Andy Kaufman,” Michael said. That’s when he brought the woman claiming to be Andy’s daughter on stage, who said that Andy is just a stay-at-home dad and was planning on coming out of hiding that night, but backed out. How convenient for everyone.

“I witnessed the entire thing and I can tell you without a doubt this was not a prank,” Al Parinello, a friend of Andy’s (and the award show’s producer) told the Hollywood Reporter.

Here’s what I think. Andy is dead. This is something he would have loved, maybe even planned for before his death. He often mentioned faking his own death. His inner circle, including his brother know all of this. Would you have even known that the Andy Kaufman Awards existed today if it weren’t for this happening? There you go. Prove me wrong, Andy.

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