8 best foreign commercials American celebrities have been in


Celebrities (at least the normal, stable ones) are pretty predictable: they do movies, they go on Letterman and they sometimes appear in magazines or on TV. But what happens when they’re offered large sums of money to do weird foreign commercials? Everything we know about them is turned upside down. Let’s take a look at some great foreign commercials with American celebrities we know and love.

8 Snoop Dogg Sings in German

A tasteful blend of bubbles, blond girls and black guys was clearly the next step in the progression of Snoop Dogg’s career.

7 Arnold Goes Insane

This commercial would have been a piece of perfectly effective marketing without Mr. Schwarzenegger, but it is because of the fact that he’s in it that makes a piece of respected art.

6 Ben Stiller Plays Ball

This is great because it looks like it was filmed in Kansas and then sent over to Japan for crazy editing, overdubs and commercial-grade special effects.

5 Sean Connery De-Ages

Unbelievably suave and sophisticated turns unbelievably creepy, real fast.

4 Jean-Claude Van Damme is Exhausted

Thankfully, all JCVD needs to complete 180 degree jump splits is a stick of pure caffeine disguised as chewing gum.

3 Kiefer Sutherland Goes ’24’ on a Train Full of Japanese Schoolgirls

This commercial really worked. Now I too am inspired to storm through a train so I can gulp down a Calorie Mate, whatever that is.

2 Nicolas Cage Sees in Threes

This is a trip into one of the greatest minds the world has ever seen. I don’t even know what else to say about it, just watch.

1 Homer Simpson Sells Dishwashing Fluid

Okay, so Homer isn’t real and neither is Mr. Sparkle, but this couldn’t not be mentioned here. Enjoy!