‘Deport Justin Bieber’ petition is the second-highest signed ever. Your move Obama

by 5 years ago
Instagram via @justinbieber

Instagram via @justinbieber


Bieber backlash is still in full effect. We figured that out last night when this tweet about Bieber and Olympic hockey tallied almost three thousand retweets. Most of the country wants to send Justin back to the Great White North. Now, the White House has to get involved.

“Deporting Justin Bieber has become the second most popular petition in the three-year history of President Obama’s online petition program, tapping a depth of anger at the Canadian pop singer — and leaving the White House to ponder how to respond. The chance to sign the Bieber petition expires Saturday, 30 days after it was posted by Roger Skrzynski II, who said he did it partly as a way to expose problems with the petition website.”

So how many people signed on the virtual dotted line? More than 260,000 at last count. The petition is currently more popular than building a Death Star or legalizing weed. People hate Bieber more than they love Star Wars and drugs. That’s amazing.

The White House started doing the petition page thing back in 2011 as a way “to give Americans a chance to drum up support for their causes.” At first lauch, any petition that gained more than 5,000 signatures got an official response from the Oval Office. The threshold was bumped up to 25,000 a year later and then, at the beginning of Mr. Obama’s second term last year, was increased to 100,000.

The White House said it will respond but hasn’t said when.

Until then, we all wait, and consider other alternatives.

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