Candice Boucher was created to model bikinis

Candice Boucher, arguably the second sexiest model from South Africa, has been missing from this site for way, way too long. It’s been almost two years. We remedy that today with two sexy new videos (including one in a bikini). One of our favorite new sites, World Swimsuit, released these two videos of Candice Boucher recently since she is in the South African Marie Claire naked issue (where can I get a copy of that by the way). They really know how to stay on top of the important trends. Now I am not sure which video of Candice Boucher is sexier, the first or the second. Maybe if I watch them 10 or 15 more times I can better make a determination. (Oh, Candice Swanepoel would be the sexiest model from South Africa, in case you were wondering.)

Photo credit: YouTube/World Swimsuit