Catalina Otalvaro and Vanessa Pelaez in one of the sexiest photo shoots of 2014

Sure, 2014 is only 10 days old, but models out there are going to have to really amp it up the rest of the year to top this new photo shoot by Colombian smokeshows Catalina Otalvaro and Vanessa Pelaez. This is precisely why Catalina was one of the 50 most popular women on this site in 2013.

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I’ve often said that these Colombian bikini and lingerie companies do better photo shoots than just about anyone on the planet and this new shoot by Babalu is no exception. Not only do they have some of the sexiest swimwear on the planet, they really know how to photograph their models to make them and their clothes really pop. I suppose it doesn’t hurt when the models are Catalina Otalvaro and Vanessa Pelaez either, huh?

Photos: Babalu