9 true but creepy stories about celebrities losing their virginity


The host of MTV’s Catfish recently revealed how he lost his virginity, and not surprisingly, it was kind of creepy.

He’s famous for a show about creepy people doing creepy things, so the story kind of fits.

A lot of people have uncomfortable stories about losing their virginity and famous people are no different. Sometimes, it’s not just the story that’s weird, but its how they tell the stories.

Here are nine creepy stories about celebs losing their virginity.

Britney Spears doesn’t tell all

It isn’t how Britney Spears lost her virginity that’s creepy, its how we found out. Everyone assumed that it was to Justin Timberlake, but ACCORDING TO HER MOM, it was some football player. Hey Britney’s mom, you’re making everybody uncomfortable. Stop.

Angelina Jolie pulled a knife

For most people, the first time is an awkward, clumsy experience. Angelina Jolie decided to pull out a knife on her first time and add that to the mix. That’s an expert level move being pulled by a novice. Figure out the basics first, then add the blades. Or maybe never add the blades, they’re not necessary.

Lena Dunham tells her mom

When you lose your virginity, the first thing you want to do is tell somebody. Lena Dunham apparently wanted to tell her mom right away, which is the wrong choice. Tell a friend, tell a stranger, tell a homeless person, whatever. This is not an appropriate topic of conversation for your parents.

Katy Perry rode bitch — literally

Katy Perry lost her virginity in the front seat of a car, listening to Jeff Buckley’s Grace. Which is fine on its own. The seat location was a little weird, but whatever. Its just weird that in one of her songs, she alludes to the experience but changes the music to Radiohead. You know, Radiohead, the least romantic music ever. Its says a lot about the Roar singer that in her perfect world, that would’ve been the soundtrack.

Gillian Anderson might have turned a guy Nazi

Who you lose your virginity to is a big deal, and its not uncommon for people to regret the choice a little bit. For X-Files star Gillian Anderson, that regret might be a little stronger. She lost hers to a punk guy, who later went on to become a neo nazi. I’m not sure if that says something awesome or awful about his experience with Anderson.

Daniel Radcliffe does know magic

A lot of freshmen dream about seniors. Daniel Radcliffe did the impossible and hooked up with a 23-year-old when he was 16. It probably helped that he was the star of a huge movie franchise. Still, the age difference is pretty big. Its mostly uncomfortable because at 16, he still looked a lot like Harry Potter. Some girl banged Harry Potter. Ew.

Dustin Hoffman thought it was his brother?!?

With Dustin Hoffman, he was a thief! He hooked up with an older lady when he was 15, and the worst part is that she had mistaken him for his brother. So, she had to find out that she slept with the wrong guy (ouch). Also, that was his brother’s sex, and Dustin stole it from him! What a jerk.

Anthony Kiedis was almost a baby

Red Hot Chili Peppers front man Anthony Kiedis claims he lost his virginity when he was 12. It was to his father’s girlfriend. This is one of those stories where its weird whether its made up or not. If its true, then you should probably call the police on that lady. If its not true, then Kiedis is a huge weirdo for making it up and we should call the police anyway.

Sean Connery WAS a baby

He played the most suave spy on the planet, so Sean Connery had better have a pretty amazing story. According to him, he was 8 and he doesn’t remember with whom. Ok, never mind. I’m thoroughly creeped out. Maybe I’m prude, but I think 8 is way to young for random sexual hookups where names aren’t even remembered. I’m just old fashioned.

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