Ultimate Bro Channing Tatum’s Youtube Account Has Maybe Been Found And What He Watches Is Exactly What You’d Expect

Believe it or not, celebrities enjoy keeping themselves anonymous on the Internet. Think about it; would you want random people harassing you day and night via your Youtube account when all you want to do is watch “Batman on Drugs” for 15 minutes straight?

Of course not. “Batman on Drugs” is strictly YOU time, not “Omg James Franco will you go to prom wiff me plzz I am 15 and lonely and a loser and help” time. So it comes with no surprise that celebrities use aliases online that in no way shape or form resemble what you’d think their username would be. For example, instead of a username like “DancingBeefcake11,” Channing Tatum’s Youtube username is supposedly “PoeticalMotion,” the same name he used for his recently leaked email address. Not only do I find it dubious that Tatum reads poetry, but I find it doubtful that he knows how to read in the first place. I suspect someone either came up with the name for him or he got really lucky and somehow managed to make words out of the 3-4 times he smushed his face into a keyboard just kidding Tatum I actually like you don’t hate me ahhhhh!

While there’s always the possibility that someone else whose name isn’t Channing Tatum owns the Youtube account “PoeticalMotion”…I doubt it. For one, what the fuck does that even mean, and for two, look at the videos he’s liked. There’s only four of them, and they’re exactly what you’d expect Channing Tatum to watch on Youtube:


And if that screenshot just isn’t doing it for you, here’s the actual videos, all of which I can definitely say “I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the shit Channing Tatum watches during his downtime.”

So what have we learned today, kids? No really, tell me. I don’t have some fancy moral for this because literally all we learned was that Channing Tatum on screen is Channing Tatum in real life…which I guess would be a great lesson to learn if you were majoring in Channing Tatum studies, except you’re not.

[H/T Gawker, header image via Shutterstock]