Ellen Page naked using CGI is causing an uproar

Ellen Page plays Jodie Holmes in the new video game Beyond: Two Souls, a character created based on Page’s body using body scans. In one scene Jodie is naked taking a shower. Therefore, Ellen Page is naked. Kind of. See where this is going?

In the scene within the game you don’t actually see any of Page’s naughty parts – just her back and some sideboob. See below.

However, apparently when these scenes are shot there is sometimes more data than what is actually shown on screen. So, naturally, people with knowledge of video games (like Reddit user DGMockingJay) hacked into it and discovered *drumroll* Ellen Page’s boobs. Well, her CG boobs from the body scan, anyway. This is no joke either because you can see the images they discovered here (NSFW if CG boobs aren’t allowed at your place of work).

Still, it’s not really Ellen Page per se so no big deal, right? Wrong. Sony is trying to get the images removed from the Internet. Why? For “legal reasons” they say. Perhaps that’s code for Ellen Page didn’t know she was going to be animated completely nude and is suing their asses. Perhaps.

H/T The Blemish