Hot on Instagram: Jojo Von Southi

Instagram has opened up a whole new world for beautiful women to get noticed. Instead of having to hire a PR firm, they now can just post their pictures on the Internet and people will follow them. Today we take a look at one such woman in Jojo Von Southi.

Jojo on Instagram: @jojo_babie

She has almost 210,000 followers and it’s easy to see why. Of the over 290 photos she’s shared there about 95% of them qualify as “wow.” Seriously.

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As for what we know about Jojo, we know that she calls herself a model, traveler, and fitness fanatic. Two of the three are quite evident by her photos. Sadly, other than that all we know is that she did her first video modeling shoot earlier this year (well worth a watch, I must say).

Keep up with Jojo on Twitter and of course, Instagram.

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