Hot on Instagram: Alena Shishkova

Instagram has opened up a whole new world for beautiful women to get noticed. Instead of having to hire a PR firm, they now can just post their pictures on the Internet and people will follow them.

Today we take a look at one such woman in Alena Shishkova.

Alena on Instagram: @alenashishkovarussia

Less than 1,500 people follow Alena Shishkova on Instagram, which is far too low a number as you will see.

Alena doesn’t give a description of herself on Instagram, but a little of research reveals that she is from Moscow, Russia, she is a model (duh), she is on the Russian version of Facebook (where she shares a LOT more photos), and she is on Twitter. She also has a very well-trafficked Facebook fan page and tumblr fan page. Why we are just finding out about her today is a mystery because she is absolutely gorgeous. I am guessing that this won’t be the last time we see her though.

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Photo credit: Essence Tatiana, Instagram