Is Emma Roberts the next Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes?

With Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan both being locked up recently it got me to wondering, “Who will be the next young starlet to ride the crazy train?” According to some out there it might be Emma Roberts.

As you may recall, it was reported last week that Emma Roberts, 22, was arrested earlier this month for beating the hell out of her boyfriend Evan Peters. This was the first I had heard about any misbehavior from the niece of Julia Roberts, but apparently her friends know about more than the rest of us because they are concerned.

Reports TMZ

Emma Roberts’ recent domestic violence arrest came as a SHOCK to the public … but not to some of her friends … who fear the actress is headed down a deep, dark path a la Lindsay Lohan.

Sources close to Emma tell TMZ … over the last year Emma has dug herself deep into the L.A. party scene. We’re told it all started after she broke up with “Glee” star Chord Overstreet — she began going out all night, hitting the clubs and surrounding herself with people who don’t keep their noses clean.

Our sources say a lot of Emma’s friends don’t know how to help her because Emma won’t acknowledge the change in her behavior.

Getting arrested – very Lohan-like. Not acknowledging a change in her behavior – very Bynes-like. This might be worth keeping an eye on. Sounds like she might be the airhead to the throne.

Emma Roberts Friends Worried She’s the Next LiLo [TMZ]

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