January Jones did a naked photo shoot; says she’d have sex with Rihanna

January Jones of Mad Men may not be our favorite person in the world, but getting naked and saying that she wouldn’t mind sleeping with Rihanna is a surefire way to get into our good graces. Perhaps this is her way of of trying to shed some of that coldest bitch in the world label that’s been attached to her since, well, since she’s become famous.

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In an interview with Violet Grey (no idea, but that’s where the pics are), Jones strips naked and poses in a bathtub and again while wearing nothing but a fur coat, which of course is pretty sweet, but her comments regarding her willingness to bang Rihanna also raised our eyebrows a wee little bit.

“Who do you most want to go to bed with, dead or alive?”

“Paul Newman or Rihanna,” she answered.

Well, since Paul Newman ain’t happening…

She also said that she “tries to take risks and shock people a bit. It’s important to provoke some sort of emotion, negative or positive.”

Congrats, January, you certainly achieved that here today. Twice. I know I’m certainly feeling something emotional after looking at those pics.

January Jones image by carrie-nelson/Shutterstock