January Jones says selfies while driving look ‘distracted’ so naturally she took one

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january jones selfie

The always cuddly January Jones threw another WTF moment at us this week by commenting that she hates selfies while driving saying they look distracted, so of course she took one to prove it.

Is it Celebrities Being Idiots Week and I just didn’t get the memo?

Paltrow, Theron, and now Jones all doing utterly stupid shit in the span of a week. Is this like when celebs die in threes now? They act dumb in threes?

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Here’s Jones’ photo with the caption, “I hate selfies while driving, I look so distracted. #bvlgari #beatit.”

On the plus side, as E! so wonderfully pointed out, she does look “flawless.” On the down side, she didn’t crash her car into a tree while taking the photo.

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