Jennifer Lawrence likes Budweiser, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’


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Proving once again that she’s the world’s most desirable celebrity fantasy girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence now drops the fact that she’d just as soon have a Budweiser and watch some reality TV as do anything else in her down time. Has there ever been a cooler famous woman on the planet with so much talent?

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Reports USA Today

Behind the clever banter and disarming repartee, beyond the glamorous red-carpet Dior gowns, in a private dining room on the second floor of a downtown hotel, her loafer-clad feet kicked up behind her, sits the real Jennifer Lawrence.

And all this actress wants, right now, is a Corona. Or an Amstel Light. But the only brews available are of the artisanal variety, so Lawrence looks flummoxed. “I’m a Budweiser person. So I don’t really understand,” she says, as the waitress goes to great lengths to explain the intricate differences between the pale ales on offer.

Want more down-to-earth stuff about our J-Law? She likes to FaceTime with her two nephews every night, watch reality TV, with Keeping Up With The Kardashians being one of her faves, and keeps her Oscar at her mom’s house to stop people from fawning over her when they visit her at home. Taste in television aside, that’s pretty cool.

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Jennifer Lawrence hungers for normalcy [USA Today]

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